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RE: Buckethead, was 9 discs

Title: RE: Buckethead, was 9 discs

> does.

Hey, the BC Rich is signed by Elvira so watch what you're saying...

The hairdryer, sadly, is no more - there I was, jamming with Ted Nugent at the Peavey stand (who BTW, make really great amps,

no really...) and he had a flash-back, thought my rock 'n' mofo roll hairdryer was a stag, pulled out a 12 bore and blew it

clean out of my hands... what can you do? Sadly, without the hairdryer, my glam career is nothing, so it's back to vaguely

esoteric looping ambient, tuney bassy stuff for me, and having to setting for my sad and rubbish sounding Modulus 6 string

fretless and Ashdown amp...

** i see a rehab program in the offing.