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9 disks

Dear Friends - 

   Isn't this fun?  Sure, it's KIND of off-topic, but it is interesting to 
see that, with some exceptions, I actually couldn't find anything to make 
fun of.  (I'm not a big fan of prog rock, but some would say I'm just 
jealous of all those damn notes) I was definitely floored to learn that 
Roger from the Cranes is on the list - I saw you open for the Cure, and 
now that I know what delay box you use I'm gonna get busy cannabalizing 
your guitar sound - YUMMMM!!  

    But, really, I think we're all pretty serious about music, and there 
doesn't seem to be any Winger fans amongst us, so that's good.  As far as 
dt is concerned, about bringing books instead of music - I can only 
re-read just so much before I'm reciting along, but there's some music I 
can listen to over and over again, all day long, and still find something 
new.  But those were some mighty weighty tomes, so perhaps the same would 
be true there.   

    Anyway, I wanted to see if there are any other New York City based 
loopers up for getting together, and, possibly, putting on a festival like 
the Santa Cruz thingy.  I have a big loft space in Long Island City Queens 
for jamming at all hours, and was wondering who'd be interested . . . let 
me know here or off list.  Take Care All!

                 1-2-3 Repeater!!