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RE: Repeater Demo's

Well, Mark's challenge was pretty hard to pass over so I slaved away last
night on some drum related Repeater demo's. Jamie has posted them on our
site for your eyes only!

Just go to:


Here is what you will hear.....

drumswflange: 4 bar drum loop (captured in one shot with repeater) at 92.3
BPM slowed down to 1 BPM with a MIDI synced Flange. Electrix Mo-FX is on 
FX insert receiving MIDI clock from Repeater. The clock is generated from
the present loop tempo and keeps the flange in sync as I slow the loop 
I experiment a bit with the division control on Mo-FX which just changes 
multiplier of the oscillator so the flange stays in sync while I change the
groove. Some very cool tonal effects start to happen on the kick drum when
slowed down to the extreme.

reversedrums: The same 4 bar loop spun into reverse with MO-FX and
FilterFactory on the FX insert. I have the Filter synced to Repeater and 
on a 1:2 lfo division which I change around while sweeping the frequency
control. The MO-FX is also synced with the delay band limiting set to just
delay the lows and highs. I mess around with the delay divisions as well.
There is also some auto panning and some flange at the end.
drumswfilterndelay: The same 4 bar loop with MO-FX and FilterFactory on the
FX insert at 92.3 BPM slowed down to 1 BPM. Again, through Repeater sending
MIDI to the Mo and Filter they follow the drum loop as it slows down. Mo-FX
is band limited with the tremolo set to auto pan in a sawtooth pattern
following the same waveform as the filter. Again some wonderful tones and
ambient noises occur when the drums are slowed down beyond recognition.

drumslower: The same 4 bar loop at 92.3 BPM slowed down to 1 BPM with no 

Suggestions for more demos are cool, just don't expect them to be turned
around as fast as this one every time.


Damon Langlois
Creative Director
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