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Re: A Beginner's Question

At 6:30 PM -0800 2/6/01, Alex C wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm new to looping devices and phrase samplers.  I've seen someone use a
>device before that allows you to layer tracks independently, i.e. each 
>is recorded separately so that you can take off tracks one by one.  I
>personally have used the "Boomerang", but this machine combines all tracks
>into one big track, so you have to take them off all at once.  You cannot
>control which track to take out.  Does anyone know of a device that can
>record each track separately?  And if so, is it significantly more 
>than a "Boomerang"?

It sounds to me like you actually might have seen somebody using the
oberheim/gibson echoplex with the undo feature. The echoplex can undo
multiple layers of overdubs one by one, all the way back to the original
version. This can give an impression of multiple tracks of loops, when
really there is one. Many people use the Undo function as a performance
technique, where they build up a dense loop of many overdubs, than remove
layers with undo to simplify it again, and then overdub again to build
something different. The echoplex is the only looper that has multiple
layers of undo.


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