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Re: audience for 'out' music = derivitative of jazz

From: "rich" <rich@nuvisionsca.com>

> Nice thoughts Andre...
> >Something that occured to me when this thread started is that Thurston
> >Moore and Lee Ranaldo (and I believe Michael Gira as well) spent time in
> >Glenn Branca's ensembles in the early '80s prior to forming Sonic Youth
> >(and Swans, in Gira's case).  So the cross-breeding bbetween academic
> >new music and rock  goes way back, though it really seems to have come
> >to a head over the last few years.
> I haven't taken the time to investigate Branca, but he sure seemed to
> have tapped into the NY noise/experimental scene for his big guitar
> ensembles.  Page Hamilton of Helmet was also a contributor, if i
> remember correctly.

Was waiting for someone to mention Page Hamilton. Who is actually a 
graduate....in jazz. Helmet at their best, were an amazing band. Slabs of
guitars like concrete. Last word on Page was that he was filling in for
Reeves Gabrels in Bowie's band.

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