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Re: RE:OUT/IN (OT: Satriani/Hendrix and all)

 I taped
> over a Joe Satriani Fillmore concert recently because there was no chance
> on stage with him, just big shiny chops. There is a squeaky door at work
> that's more interesting.

That's why Jeff Bck will always be a favorite of mine.. he takes risks...
I'm not quite interested by the big shredders like Satriani, Vai and 
althought they are abe to do great things I suppose... Better than me for
sure, even if I tend to take risks.. :) Well, I heard a Johnson piece the
other day and it was quite good... I think it was called "Manhattan".. It
wasn't the big speedy things and it was well played...

But why did you tape the show if you don't like his chops?!?!? Are you
jealous in some way?!?! :) (just kidding)

It's like Yngwie Malmsteen, I don't like his thing at all.. never dig
excessive shred.. but, his playing is monstruous (in the two senses of the
word maybe.. :))