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Re: In/Out, Labeling, Media Intelligencia, and other things...

> this last topic wasn't as interesting to me personally but was 
> see how important it was to others and fascinating to see the definitions
> people apply to themselves, I've been needing to list 5 or 6 terms for
quite a
> while when describing myself and find it amusing instead of frustrating

I've been dipping in and out of this thread, and can I (on the assumption
no-one else did) ask - is this quest to define what we (well, a lot of us)
seem to be looking for - a way of describing the music we make - important
to us for our own self-identity, or merely as a way of marketing what we do
to others?

I've always liked the description "soundtracks to films that were never
made", but it always sounds pretentiouys when I use it.


On a peripherally (but VITALLY L-D related) note, does anyone know how to
stop MS Outlook sending the LD digest as a small mail with every post added
as an attachment???  this has been driving me nuts for a year...