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a trick

I have 2 cheap DOD DFX94 pedals that I use for looping.  With no feedback
control and very limited layering capabilities, they force me to try new
tricks to get more out of them.

Each pedal can only hold about 8 layers of overdubs before the older ones
start to fade out.  With this in mind, I ran pedal #1 into pedal #2, which
then goes out to the amp.  I filled pedal #1 with as many layers as it 
hold, then dumped 'em all into pedal #2.  Now pedal #2 is playing back the 
original layers, but as far as it's concerned, it's only holding one layer
in memory.  So I can clear out pedal #1, fill it up again, and dump it all
to #2 again.  If I do this 8 times, that's 8 x 8 = 64 loops that I'm
squeezing into one little pedal!  Granted, there's a bit of volume loss, 
the richness of the sound more than compensates.

Just a cool trick to try if you have some cheap looping gear and nothing
else to do until your Repeater or EDP arrives.