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Re: Request for new Echoplex feature

At 1:09 PM -0500 8/7/01, Dennis Leas wrote:
>  > One thing I would like is to have both Insert and Reverse be 
>available via
>>  MIDI without going to the front panel. It is a pain to switch back and
>>  forth (Insert or Reverse) via front panel in the middle of a loop[.
>Since all the front panel switches are "MIDI addressable", can't you 
>both Insert and Reverse via MIDI?

This is one of my long-time gripes with the EDP. What you can do over 
MIDI is to virtually press buttons in the EDP UI. You can't directly 
address the underlying functionality. I've directed enough whining 
about this to Kim and Eric Obermuhlner (sp?) in the early days of the 
EDP to fill a swimming pool.

I'm pretty sure that Kim told me to shut up my whining and relax; 
that it would be fixed in the next major release. Of course, Kim was 
much nicer about it than that, and yet, more sarcastic at the same 
time (a quality that I aspire to).

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