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Re: the power of limits

>>> Nemoguitt@aol.com 09/07/01 02:00PM >>>
> miko.....are you and steuart showing up at this "gig" as solo players or 
>are you playing with others using these simplified "healthy" 

Simple rig... I use amp and peds-only for ensemble stuff currently. Mostly 
because it's easy... (I'd go solo with the p-board adding the PCM80 and 
EDP though). The amp sounds bitchin'... It's a 2x10" open back combo with 
2 6V6 power stage (about 15-20 watts) and a solid-state preamp... go 
figure... it sounds great up to a certain volume level... then it's just 
not enough. Can't handle a pounding drummer... It's also very light. The 
thing about my simple rig is there's a  Z Vex Fuzz Probe and Lovetone 
Flanger in there... both of which can do amazing oscillating events, so 
there's plenty of fodder for going into the electronic nuthouse. I want a 
floor looper, but The Rang seems to be the only one I like at the moment. 
I had level and dynamic problems with the DL4 which weren't quite worth 
the attention. 

Full-Metal-Jacket solo stereo rig... 10sp rack with Crown CE1000 power 
amp; PCM80; EDP; Korg AM8000r; TC D-Two Delay; DBX Vocal Processor/Mic Pre 
(286?); TRS Patch Bay; Power conditioner... all into a Mackie 1202VLZ on a 
keyboard table stand... mixer outs to a FMR RNC Compressor back to the 
Crown. Speakers are a pair of Acme Sound Lo-B 1x10" 3-way speakers which 
double as my daw studio monitors.

Miko Biffle - Miko.Biffle@asml.com
"Running scared from all the usual distractions!"