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Re: REPEATER wish list

At 07:40 PM 9/11/2001, Robert Deveaux wrote:
>The repeater needs a programmable midi map.

Is the repeater actually able to save settings like that? Something I've 
noticed is every time I power cycle, all the parameter settings I've 
changed come back as default values. (feedback amount, metronome volume, 
etc.) I'm surprised there isn't some sort of non-volatile storage for 

Also, I had been under the impression from hearing so much about how 
Repeater saves it's loops that it would save the loops in it's internal 
memory. It doesn't, as I discovered when I had to do a power cycle to get 
out of a midi sync bug, thinking my loop would still be there when it came 
back on. nope. I guess it only saves on the compact flash cards? Well, I 
guess this is a warning to others to be careful about that one.


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