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Re: AAARRRGHHHH my jam man died tonight !!!


check the LD website...

If i remember, kim put up info on how to put the jammie into a test mode.

see if that works.


>I  hope you people can shed some light on my poor self before spending 4
>times the price of the unit in servicing...
>Suddenly all led went off.
>simply. If I unplug and re-plug the power line, all leds light together
>during 3 sec then everything goes dead. I can reproduce that as much as
>I want.
>Any idea about the kind of problem it may have????
>If it helps to locate the trouble, I had worked for an hour with the
>phantom power of
>my mixing desk on (using microphones).
>The Jam Man was only in inserts of the desk ( a mackie CR 1604) and not
>even plugged
>back in the aux return but I quite remember one day the sounds of the
>vortex getting
>distorted when the phantom power was switched on, so maybe the Jam Man
>is equelly
>sensitive and it killed it?
>Thank you in advance
>Olivier Malhomme