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Re: New Thread: Classical Music Influences on Us

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From: "Richard Zvonar" <zvonar@zvonar.com>
To: "Stephen P. Goodman" <spgoodman@earthlight.net>;
Sent: 25 September 2001 01:03 AM
Subject: Re: New Thread: Classical Music Influences on Us

> At 12:39 AM +0100 9/25/01, Stephen P. Goodman wrote:
> >Jerry Goldsmith (I still like his stuff better than John Williams').
> Jerry is much beloved by the musicians he works with. At his 70th
> birthday bash the party favors were baseball caps with a little white
> pony tail made of yarn, and an inscription, "Yo Jerry! You are one of
> us."

I still love his soundtrack to the original "Alien".  Though the sequels 
patched up with variations on the original themes, and other classical
pieces to fill in the cracks.

> >  As a coincidence, for the first time an American conductor -
> >can't remember his name - did the honors.
> Leonard Slatkin

I remember now!  Not Reed Slatkin - no relation - who made over $500 
from investors disappear into parts undocumented!

Thanks Richard.  You know, the guy's eyes never looked down the entire time
he was conducting.  During the Barber piece his face was wet with tears, 
he specified that there be no applause at the end.  When it was over some
folks - not many - couldn't help it and clapped briefly.  He then walked 
and I had forgotten the practice of going offstage to get the vocalists and
introduce them.  Undoubtedly he mopped up as well.  The man still kept it
together.  Just beyond awesome.  I'll go see him conduct anytime.

Stephen Goodman
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