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Re: Professional Loopers


i'll bet that few, if any of the "pro" loopers on this list, including dave
t., make a significant amount of their income (or a significant income
period...) from live "club" type shows. in addition to club shows, (which
usually have dismal, laughable guarantees...) , i play a lot of concerts at
colleges and do master classes for the music departments in conjuction with
live concerts.it'd not uncommon to get a $1500-$2200 honoriarium and then
sell 30-60 cds at a decent college concert. i do make money selling cds at
live shows ( and over the internet, with online retailers like amazon.com
and pastemusic.com...) and i get royalties on records i've produced for
bigger artists that sell more records than i do... i also play festivals in
europe which can sometimes pay well and allow for lots of cd sales. my 
is probably as popular in europe as in america, and we can play larger,
better live shows in western europe than in the us... kind of  like the
"jazz syndrome"

i also had a head start because i had a cult following from a band i played
with before i started doing my own music exclusively. that helped get a
record deal and radio airplay etc... ( although calling it a head start
seems a little like over playing the hand...i'm still very small potatoes
compared to big pop folks..) getting your music played on the radio helps,
but of course, not everyones music will fit in a "format"  it's easier for
me because i also have a percentage of vocal music that keeps a lot of 
open...chicks dig it....no really...i'm kidding....

i also do soundtrack work and am starting to write film scores. but i do 
a lot of work from folks who have seen me play live.

hope that helps.

ric hordinski

on 9/30/01 2:15 PM, Steve Sandberg at stevesandberg@earthlink.net wrote:

> Interesting reading, this loop on those of us making a living from live
> shows.
> Question -- this sounds so blunt and naive but -- how do you do it?
> I make my living writing for TV, have done some solo shows at the 
> Factory and Guggenheim Museum in NY, but can't seem to get past the "do a
> show for my friends and acquaintances" stage -- any hints?