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Ping: 2 Amps in a Guitar Looping Setup?

Posted this once, but the only feedback I got was in direct conflict with
the question...
I know that there's a few of you out there who'll have some info to share 
this.  Even if you think I'm making a mistake by trying to go this route -
please let me know?


I have 2 amps that I love dearly - a Roland JC120 and a Rivera Knucklehead.
I'd like to take advantage of both of them in my setup, as I've already
experienced the frustration of too many tones into a single guitar amp (ie,
ick.).  I know that by separating various components of my looping, I'll be
able to build a much larger tone palette in a single looping "event".  This
question really drives at 2 issues - 1) I'm looking for the right 2nd loop
or delay tool that fits my needs and 2) I'm looking for ideas on how to 
take advantage of 2 amps in my looping guitar setup.

Today, I'm setup as:

Guitar -> Dynacomp -> FM4 Filter Modeler -> Rivera Amp -> Rivera Effects
Loop Out -> Digitech RP7 -> Small Clone -> EDP -> Rivera Effects Loop 

Occasionally other stuff sprinkled in there, but you get the picture I 

I'm thinking that if I add another looper/delay in the effects loop, with
some sort of A/B box for bypassing, I'd be able to decide what signal goes
to what amp.  For instance:

Guitar -> Dynacomp -> FM4 Filter Modeler -> Rivera Amp -> Rivera Effects
Loop Out -> Digitech RP7 -> Small Clone -> A/B Box
A/B Box (A) -> EDP -> Rivera Effects Loop Return
A/B Box (B) -> DL4? -> Roland JC120 (slave)

Will this work?  Anybody tried something like this?  Specific to the DL4 
the recent thread on it being in the effects loop... is that a problem?

I'd like to do this without buying a mixer and dealing with pre/post fader
auxes, etc, as some of you do.  If nothing else, I figure an A/B Box is 
cheaper than even a basic mixer with the features I'd need.

Any help greatly appreciated!