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RE: Anyone have experience with the TASCAM USB-428?

>would not a two space rack work?  one space for a Motu 808, and a 
>second with a rackmount multi-midi port unit.  audio on firewire and 
>midi on usb.  all of this exists right now, no?

yes, but as I keep complaining, there are ridiculous reported latencies
for USB MIDI, "up-to-30ms" I've heard and certainly enough that I wouldn't
want to do it.

>one of the problems that seems to be discussed quite a bit (from 
>what i've seen...i'm a 828 user) is that the 828 steals quite a bit 
>of firewire bandwidth and getting it to play nice with external 
>firewire hard drives is a little tricky.

that I don't mind.  I have a big internal drive for this sort of thing!
when I do digital audio, I just wipe a partition and record onto it...


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