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Re: Peavey PC-1600x in a rack case?

yeah that pic was a while ago. I was a little shocked at how young I 
looked. :-) What the photo doesn't show is the long mullet-ponytail that 
was on the back of my head at the time. I guess I also didn't have the 
full-on pompadour that I sometimes did in those days.

I didn't realize people were so interested in my hair, but if you must 
I've since severely shaved it so I have a sort of half mohawk on the back 
half of my head. that bit is long, most of the way down my back, and I 
frequently die it different colors. I look like a hare-krishna gone punk. 
think it was bright green when I showed up at the loop festival in 
Berkeley, which coincidentally matched a lot of Rick Walker's set. the 
of my head is micro-length fuzz.

The only other known photos of me on the net are on these pages about my 
car, where my hair was faded purple but about matches the car color:

I guess I'll declare this to be the official Looper's Delight hair cut. 
That plus the t-shirt gets you a free beer.


At 11:05 PM 10/8/2001, John Tidwell wrote:
>That's a relief! I was just about ready to order
>some AMWAY products from him!
>Just kidding Kim. It's a good photo.
>--- Om_Audio <clifsound@mediaone.net> wrote:
> > That picture looks ancient- Kim actually is the
> > wiley long-haired rebel loop
> > pirate of your dreams... no kidding!
> >
> > Om
> > :)
>John Tidwell
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