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Re: Stereo A/B-A+B Switch Boxes

i'd recommend the (now out of business) Uptown Flash unit. it is noiseless,
very high quality, very midi adressable, and uses very fast crossfades to
eliminate pops on switching...it is capable of switching between four sets
of stereo pairs.    it can also be run by a proprietary footwitch. i've 
them used for about $150.



on 10/9/01 12:21 PM, David Kenzik at david@kenzik.com wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a TRS switchbox? I'd rather purchase something, but
> might have to resort to building it myself.
> I'm looking to take the L/R output of my VG8EX, as well as the L/R output
> from my rack-o-goodies, and switch between them, or combine them, as they
> enter another rack-o-goodies.
> I can handle this routing via my mixers, but I have a need to switch 
> performance-- walking over to the mixer and un-muting/muting the busses
> isn't an option at this point.
> Any suggestions?