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RE: Looper development and production costs?

At 12:12 AM 10/14/2001, future perfect wrote:
>Just reverse the black and the beige...put a 'limited edition' sticker
>on it and charge more. Or, drop it down a flight of stairs, call it a
>'Relic Echoplex' and charge 5 times as much. Raise 'Echoplex 2' money in
>no time!
>Man, someone's gotta hire me with these ideas...

ah, finally. somebody who understands how the musical instrument business 
really works. :-)  Putting a famous baby boomer icon's signature on it 
lets you multiply the price a few times..... The Jimmy Page signature 
black-face echoplex with authentic Jimmy Page cigarette burns and 
hand-picked NOS simms - you'll be the envy of all the other doctors and 
lawyers on the golf course - yours for only $5999.

the scary thing is, with guitars that actually works. Even more amazing, 
raising the price actually causes you to sell MORE.


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