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Re: Looper development and production costs?

At 8:29 PM -0400 10/15/01, Tim Nelson wrote:
>And from the "Famous Guy Uses This" department, there's a guy selling a
>pair of PCM 42's on eBay right now who claims they can be heard on albums
>by, ahem, JIMI HENDRIX, among others...
>I know Jimi was ahead of his time, but c'mon, Lexicon wasn't even founded
>until 1971, by which time Hendrix's output had slowed considerably due to
>his death the year before. (I wonder if the guy was talking about the
>posthumous Alan Douglas releases...)

They release a ton of "new" Hendrix CDs this year including the boxed
set so it could be correct.

I think his output was greater in 2000 than any year he was alive.

(In 1977, two A&R guys are talking: one says,
"Did you hear that Elvis just died?" and the other says
"No!  Great career move!")

However, you might still want to notify eBay of this fact because
it's pretty dam' deceptive when it comes down to it.


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