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Re: WOT - Leo Cavallo's Stuttering Stravinsky ACID Error

hi Mr. Darthard ;)

that little song was created as a demo track in Acid Pro 2.0.
Sadly the 3.0 release of the software doesn't allow more than +/- 24 
semitones of pitch shifting on the samples.... indeed the special effects 
you're missing were created using extreme pitch settings (up to +/- 99 
Try to open the track with Acid 2.0. It should work flawlessly.


PS I'd like to hear your remix versions... any mp3/CD available?

At 09.40 16/10/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Well Kudos to Mr. Cavallo for creating a wonderful piece. I have 
>this to a Hip Hop Flavor, a House Flavor, and R&B, and they love it on 
>dance floor. I just have one question, when I initialize the acd-zip 
>Zipped File), I get this warning/error, below.
>"ACID 3 can only allow event pitch shifts of -24 to +24 semitones. One or 
>more of the event pitch shifts in this project had to be reduced to fall 
>inside this range"
>Now, Mr.. Cavallo, how can I get around this ? You obviously did this in
>ACID, and I am sure you did not get this error, what can I do to correct
>this? The error is not fatal, it renders the file, but I am sure I am
>missing some of the nuances of the piece.....
>Lucien E. Darthard
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