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KYMA Sound Design System for Sale

Please pardon the quick For Sale posting.  Please respond off of the list 
avoid unnecessary list traffic.

For Sale

Kyma 320 Sound Processing / Synthesis system:
Capybara 320 core system (card chassis with audio I/O and core DSP/Memory)
Four DSP Expansion Cards
One PC interface card (for use with Mac or PC laptops)
One NuBus interface card (if you need it)
Cable for connecting Capybara 320 to the interface card
Current Kyma Software for Mac and PC
New ultra quiet fan

All items are in excellent condition.
This system has a total of 12 Motorola 56003 DSP chips running at 80MHZ
and 288MB of RAM in the Capybara DSP box. There is also space for 8 more
expansion cards each of which includes 2 more DSP chips and 48MB of RAM

The Kyma is such a powerful, open-ended system that there is really no way
that I can describe it's wide ranging functionality and power in a short
posting. Those who are not familiar with it's capabilities are encouraged 
get more information by going to http://www.symbolicsound.com/ or by
contacting me directly at vanceg@earthlink.net
Price:$4200  plus shipping.
(The current new price would be $5700:  $3300 for the core system plus
4x$595 for the expansion cards)

It is very rare that a Kyma system comes up used.  The one and only reason
that I am selling my personal system is that I now have access to a second
Kyma and do not require the use of two!

In addition I have a Macintosh Powerbook for sale with Kyma (and other)
software installed.   The Kyma/laptop combination has worked like a charm!
Powerbook G3 450 Lombard (transparent keyboard, pre-pismo)
128Mb RAM (plenty to run Kyma)
6 Gig Drive
Two USB ports
SCSI port (!)
PC card slot
Firewire PC card included
Currently running Mac OS 9.1
The machine has some minor scratches on the bottom from sitting on top of
my rack  and a couple of (very tiny) blemishes on the screen. No Pixels 
It is used but in 100% functional condition.  Includes AppleCare.
$800 if purchased with the Kyma.

Please contact vanceg@earthlink.net