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Re: How Can I Do This (And What Do I Need)

>Ok, I have been in the mix game for some years, and there are still 
>aspects of it, that I have not mastered.
>There's an effect, I am trying to duplicate (on my PC, using Sound 
>Forge 5.0, (and all it's Plugins), ACID 3.0, and Cool Edit Pro and 
>FruityLoops 3.3)
>The effect I am trying to create (it exists), is a multi tap delay, 
>that builds to a cresendo). Sort of like if I said "Hello", (at 120 
>BPM), the effect would be "H-H-H-Hello", but in tempo, and starting 
>at; say -6 decibles, then going to +20.

So, what's wrong with a multi-tap delay?

There are all sorts of VST multi-tap delays, you just set the
delays and levels and go crazy.  I'm sure some of them are beat-driven.


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