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Re: How Can I Do This (And What Do I Need)

Here is an example of the effect. You can download it from my YaHoo 
Briefcase at : http://briefcase.yahoo.com/visionary.rm

I have two  examples of my attempt to recreate the stutter effect in the 
song "Stutter" by Joe and Mystikal.
The "Aint No Sunshine" loop - , is my latest attempt to duplicating that 
effect, it is also included in the briefcase for download.

Lucien E. Darthard
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I haven't done this one live either, but a _similar_ effect can
easily be achieved by:

1) grab a sample
2) reverse the waveform so that it plays backwards
3) process this reversed waveform through a delay line (plugin)
4) reverse again the output from step 3

Now the delayed signal will ramp up before the orignal waveform,
which will play forwards as normal.  Not exactly what you're
going for maybe, but hey it's fun!

To get an effect closer to what you might actually be going for,
you could use some kind of level control (envelope, manual mix
control) to process only the portion of the wave (the 'H' in
your example) that you want to stutter in the beginning.  It
might even be possible to do this 'live' on the can mix and then
bring it into the main mix once you're done.


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 > I'm not sure upon reflection (pun intended) that this is a
live trick.  Not
 > knowing how to make a multi-tap do this, I've done something
like it with
 > post-recording processing as follows, using CoolEdit etc:
 >  1.  Record voice saying "Hello", using a strong "H" perhaps.
 >  2.  Highlight and copy the "He-" part of "Hello".
 >  3.  Rewind selection and Insert using Paste before the
 >  4.  Insert enough silence between the "He-" and the "Hello"
to suit you.
 >  5.  Copy the "He-" and the silence before "Hello".
 >  6.  Paste-insert it twice at the beginning of the recording.
 >  7.  Insert silence 4-5 seconds on either side of the
 >  8.  Reverse entire selection.
 >  9.  Add reverb to taste.
 > 10. Reverse entire selection (back to normal direction).
 > Stephen Goodman
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 > "leocavallo" <leocavallo@groundloops.com> put forth:
 > > >The effect I am trying to create (it exists), is a multi
tap delay, that
 > > >builds to a cresendo). Sort of like if I said "Hello", (at
120 BPM), the
 > > >effect would be "H-H-H-Hello", but in tempo, and starting
at; say -6
 > > >decibles, then going to +20.
 > > >I have heard this effect in several songs (none come to
mind now), but I
 > > >know it exists ! I am not insane, or am I.
 > > >Leo Cavallo used something similar in "Stuttering
 > >
 > > probably it was just a sequencing trick.. cut the part you
need, copy and
 > > paste a few times, then apply a volume envelope... could be
this? sorry,
 > > but my memory is so bad... :)
 > >
 > > ciao
 > > leo
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