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Re: Hypercardioid mic suggestions

Thanks Scott Wilson and Lance G. for your comments on the mic question...

I'll check out tapeop.com - that sounds cool!

Ok, I think I should probably explain a little bit of my setup for you to 
understand why I want a highly-directional mic...

In my performing I loop small instruments and objects and the like, mostly
fairly small in size and sound - these are things like little party favors,
small percussion, bird calls, rocks, sticks, etc. Because I'm often using
this technique in a dance-music setting, it's pretty loud where I'm 
performing, requiring me to be extremely careful with mic placement and 

I do already use a normal cardioid mic (Audio-Technica DR-150), but it 
doesn't quite seem to be enough... maybe I'm just out of luck with the
high S/N ratio I'm dealing with in a dance-music situation, but I'm 
determined to at least try and figure it out the best I can.

So, to summarize: I need the ability to sample relatively quiet sounds in
a relatively noisy environment and keep the integrity of the small sounds. 

and glad you like craque.net! i welcome comments on the sounds there too.