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Re: music tools

Ah ha! That's STEIM! They've been around for a long time and have always 
been an bleeding-edge r&d organization that promotes and supports 
experimental music. Back in 1994 and again in 1998 I visited them in 
Amseterdam. They were working, at the time, on a variety of alternative 
midi input devices. one was a suit you wear with sensors that send midi 
depending on how you bend. I saw a performance using this suit at the 
Knitting Factory in New York. Pretty amazing stuff.

Since the Europeans are generally ahead of their time in these regards, 
doesn't surprise me that their software is made for a Macintosh. Mac's 
always been a best-pick for European experimental hardware prototyping. I 
think it's because the mac had a more integrated and supported hardware 
architecture than many other machines. Atari's were also used a lot and in 
fact the first top selling commercial midi sequencers were made for the 
atari exclusively: first was Steinberg Pro24, which I owned and then CLAB 
Creator/Notator which because Emagic Logic. Both of these I used when they 
came out in around 1988-90. I am currently a Logic Audio user, on a mac of 
course. ;)

I am going to check out this Steim stuff. I have a spare PPC604 CPU and if 
it can work on that I might dedicate the box as a steim engine.


At 03:09 AM 11/1/2001, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>I know we talk a lot about software, and I haven't seen anything on the 
>about this small cool company from the Netherlands.
>LiSa has total live loopage possibilities, although I don't drag my Mac on
>the road with me.  Oh, btw, before you start drooling, it's all Mac stuff.
>Mark Sottilaro