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Re: bass sound with guitar

 well alot of answers to this question were good but had prerequisites:buy
synth-go midi-buy a new/different guitar,amps-etc.
here is what i do-send the guitar signal thru <digitechwhammypedal>red or
 and just using the on/off(bypass) button,not the sweep pedal you get a 
wet 1 octave or 2 octave down pitch which tracks true and clear(as long as
you are playing single notes).and depending on your touch you can simulate
fretless. all my loops contain a bass line.
that worx good for me.your mileage may vary.


on 11/18/01 3:21 AM, Michael Peters at mpeters@csi.com wrote:

> I'd love to be able to sometimes play bass on my guitar. The harmonizer 
> settings suck. My dream would be a real good fretless bass sound. What
> methods are available? If I had a Roland hexaphonic pickup, could I 
>create a
> fretless bass sound with some synth or VG8 like device?
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> = computer graphics + electronic music
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