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Re: KC; Lawson's Missive and Originality...

hey yall-me bein a ess effin let me pipe in on <tipsy>. seen um a few times
and picked up their record and have to say disapointed-for me it was just
too derivative- i guess samplin things that i'm familiar w/ from its
original form i just never think the  sampling approaches the beauty of the
1st time.(for example the 1st song samples the 1st bar of a great ol'
tune-"sally go 'round the roses" by the jaynetts-now that song is one all
time great tunes and it includes tape looping i think and thats probably 
they chose it) probably wouldnt be true if i didnt recognize the sample
'course thats just me.

on 11/19/01 9:41 PM, Miko Biffle at biffoz@pacbell.net wrote:

>>> miko, on his new lounge music: Hoping to take the spirit and osterize 
> a bit...
>> being an sf-dude (?right?), you've probably heard 'tipsy', eh? dt / s-c
> I'm sadly negligent in my current listening but will check it out. 
> I've gotten so tired lately of seriousness... I need a major silly fix.
> (this could all be the result of losing my day job?) -miko