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My computer was infected with the new Badtrans.B worm.
It tried to send itself to everyone in my Inbox -- that means YOU.
If you received an email from me with an attachment, DELETE IT -- DO NOT OPEN IT. I did not send you any email with an attachment -- if you received one, it was the virus. The virus's subject field probably says "Re:" and nothing else.
A couple of you have emailed me that you tried to open "my" attachment, but couldn't.  I do not know if that means you were infected or not -- it probably does. When I got this virus, I thought the attachment I was trying to open, was failing to open, but it still infected my computer.
You'll know you have it and it is sending emails out if  a) you get automated responses from websites (Amazon.com, etc) thanking you for your recent email and they will respond as soon as possible, when you know you have not emailed them,  and/or b) you get lots of "undeliverable mail" messages in your Inbox.
If you're infected, go to the website of your computer's virus scanning software for an update and directions.
Good luck.