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Re: VERY interesting article!!!

i like what your saying,
maybe later we could use this or another interface to collect/send
more guitar gesture information (pick angle, striking force, position 
on string, facial expression, rock-god-like-pose-choice, etc...)

but i think they are just talking about a/d onboard guitar and 
digital signal out via multi-channel protocol via ethernet...

> feeneymike@yahoo.com writes:
> >When guitars go digital:
> >    http://www.techtv.com/news/culture/story/0,24195,3363342,00.html
> >    they're predicting guitars to ship with ethernet ports as opposed to
> >1/4" analog jacks within 12-18 months.
> yeah, hmmm.....
> it *might* be interesting, if & when the target sound-sources 
> etc) are capable of reading/translating complex hands-to-strings-to-amp 
> gestalt, and when the modellers attempt something more interesting than 
> 'perfect ac30' or 'perfect tweed amp' type of tones.
> (like guitar 'synthesis' --- the idea is cooler than the end-result, for 
> as the sound-sources never have been capable of *furthering* the 
>striking & 
> visceral, gross/disgusting/beautiful idiosyncracies inherent in 
> hand-guitar-amp-feedback relations.....)
> 2 cents.
> dt / splattercell