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Re: A negative review for 2002 >> Biting the biscuit...

In a message dated 1/3/02 1:45:25 AM Eastern Standard Time, biffoz@pacbell.net writes:

but I think
we're in similar territory and wondering how to land on both feet, and hang
with our peers

are we talkin about "peer pressure" here?.....i have even been thinkin that if i were to show up and play at a NY or mid west loopfest i might be asked to leave (too much melody, not noisy enuf, old school guitar, he doesn't even use an e-bow, he's balder than me!).....i sometimes think, we think too much.....i went to a "sonic roulette" this past sunday, had no idea who these people were but figured that it was kinda like those oblique stratagie thingies mentioned before on LD, also keep in mind, i never leave my house other than going to work.....so i figured why not take a walk on the wild side and only took my rang-fender champ-alesis air fx (with its several synthy patches), no guitar.....it was a gas because these folks (10 year old guitar players, women (yikes) playing pianos, a bunch of very open minded people) were into the JOY and FUN of making music/noise/sound.....there is nothing i would like more than having my music critiqued (reviewed) and perhaps have what i do validated by my "peers" or otoh perhaps give up music and become a photographer but as i said to luca, my music is becoming more self-indulgent and i like it, if you dont, i will try to get over it.....many ideas to mull over these last few weeks on LD, i am very thankful to be included on this list.....:)m