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Re: sound sculpture switchblade

Title: Re: sound sculpture switchblade
The circuitry has been pulled off the chassis and putted it into a custom made, bigger one. That red plastic switches have been replaced with metal ones (as the ones of the AllAccess). Connectors have been wired onto a multiPIN one, and i have a man power input that powers up the pedals and the MIDImate itself.
The bigger chassis allows to have more switches that i use for other non MIDI equipment, CVs, JamMans control, and so on.
I have the old version of the MIDImate software, that allows to use more istant switches than the last one.



3 - from any MIDI pedalboard. This depends by tastes and needs of
course. Personally i have a modified Rocktron MIDImate,
What kind of mod you made to the Midimate ?  thanks in advance !