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Re: EDP sync question

> I noticed today that if I have the drum track playing (not looping, just
>  alot of bars of the drum track), record a loop on the EDP, stop the EDP
>  from recording, the loop will then play fine - even after all the bars 
>  the drum track are over (Cubase is still in Play).
>  I then record the loop into cubase.
>  But, when I stop Cubase and bring it back to bar one, the EDP plays one
>  revolution and then stops.
>  I guess I've solved my problem, but what is the explanation for this?
>  Thanks,

EDP behaves differently when the loop is triggered from MIDI
(rather than manually) 
I think you need to set SamplerStyle to "Run"

if not, then Kim's post is a fuller analysis.

andy butler