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Re: Racking again (was Re: biz's signal path was Re: Space Station - long, and complicated.)

> How heavy is the SKB mini-gig?
> I'm trying to figure out how to make my equipment reasonably portable in 
> more or less protected fashion. Here are my needs:
> I've got about 10 rack spaces worth of equipment that I'm using --
> headed for 11 or 12. Most of it is reasonable shallow with a couple of
> annoying exceptions. I'm configuring it all through a Mackie 1642.
> What I've got right now is a 6 space rack crate (essentially a milk crate
> construction) sitting on top of a 12-space Anvil rack on casters. I
> have almost nothing in the Anvil because I've found it to be really
> having controls down by my feet. My MoFX is sitting on a couple of bars 
> my A-frame keyboard stand so that it's easy to get to from my Handsonic.
> Mackie is also on the keyboard stand.
> Issues that I'd like to resolve:
> * The rack crate is fine at home, but I probably should be cautious about
> taking it anywhere.

At home, I used to have my gear on a shelf, racked just using rack rails,
without anything else. It worked fine, and allowed easy access to

> * I don't have anything for packing up the Mackie.
> * Whatever I go with, I need a reasonable way to make the controls on 
> of the rack items and on the mixer accessible while seated.
> * I want equipment that I can move without killing my back or having a
> heightened risk of dropping due to weight.
> If I got a mini-gig could I leave the mixer fully connected to the items
> the rack?

I'm sure you could.

>Would the unit be reasonably portable when loaded?

Reasonably? Come on - we aren't talking about a 'reasonable' amount of gear
here :> Some people on this list are making the analog modular and grand
piano players look bad.

Seriously though. My mini rig is about as much as I can lift. I definitely
can't carry it - getting it in and out of the car is quite a bit of work.
Two people can handle it no problem, but you'll need to roll it around.

>Are there
> recommendations for what I could set it on to get it situated at a
> reasonable height?

I'm still working this one out myself.

> The other option I've been considering (based on suggestions from the
> is a could smaller racks sitting on amp stands so that they tilt back for
> better visibility. I'd have to come up with something on which to put the
> mixer, however. Perhaps a good table that could also hold picks, E-Bow,
> etc.? If I go the amp stand route, does anyone have specific
> recommendations? Do I need to worry about having something with a wide
> enough back bar so that it actually extends over the width of the rack

The big sell for me about the 'one large box' thing is that when I go out 
play, I have to cable

- one instrument cable
- one power supply
- one pair of line outs, or a cable snake
- the snake to the footpedals

I don't have to worry about two or more sets of rackmounts interfacing with

>...The gig rig seem like a good step....

>i don't know about the mini GigRig, but i have the full sized skb GigRig
>and i have to say it is not very well designed.
>if you don't need it to be rugged it is adequate, but
>the fasteners are week, and the front and back are held on the z axis
>only by a single little plastic pin.  and the top is only fastened to the
>the pin on the front broke imediately on mine, leaving the top and front
flopping loose.
>i replaced each pin with two metal studs. it still has the lame fasteners
on top, though.

I agree - the fasteners are very flimsy. I have a full gig rig for my day
job, and I've blown 2 of them already. I'm quite a bit more careful with 
one at home now - I don't expect the box to outlast my use of the equipment
inside it. Still, it's unfortunately the only game in town - there aren't
any other solutions in this format as far as I could find. It's also very
light - a wooden case would be prohibitively heavy, especially since I've
modified mine with a set rack rails in the back of the unit as well as the
front and top. I had to use a Saw-all to do that.

Overall, I'm happy with mine, though I wouldn't give it to someone else to
carry, or dream of putting it on a plane :>

On the topic of rack building, I've found something that you guys might 
useful - 6" power cords. SF guys: they sell them for $3 at the SBC computer
warehouse at the corner of Lawrence and Central expressways. The ones I got
have fully rotating plugs, so you can attach them at any angle.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any 1 foot ones, which would have been a 
ideal length for racking.