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RE: Loops for SF Acid

Try going to www.google.com and doing a search for "free drum samples" or
"free drum loops" and you will get a plethora of results for free downloads
of a variety of styles (tr808, tr909, rock, jazz, etc.).  They are all
mainly in .zip files and less than a meg to download the whole kit.

Good luck,


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>Subject: Loops for SF Acid
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>     Hello all: Does anybody has the drum collection of loops for SF 
>Are they worthy?. Which one you think are the best ones?
>     Thanks
There are several drum loop libraries for Acid. I own most of them.

Classic Drum Machines: Syntonic Generator - good synth drum loops, just too

Downtempo Beats - I dont own, so I don't know

Drum Components: RADS - great samples for building custom drum tracks.
Although can be used for a variety of styles, I think they are best suited
for rock. Worth considering

Drum Tools - don't own, so don't know

Junkyard Rhythms - don't own (but on it's way). Looks very promising, esp.
for getting a unique sound.

Latin Percussion - pretty good and mostly standard stuff

Processed Drumkits: Zero-Gravity Beats - My favorite drum library. It 
is not your average cup of tea, but is very good, esp for rock and dance

R&B Drums: Groove Spectrum - don't own, don't know

Siggi Baldursson's Drumsugar - don't own, but Siggi's other library, Zero
Gravity, is so awesome that I would think this one would be as well!

Street Beats - its ok, but way too little. Not worth it.

Funky Xtreams I & II - pretty good, but should be 1 CD, not 2!

World Percussion - Marc Anderson's Dragon Dance - good world music loops

Don't forget, most other libraries come with drums (except instrument
specific). I particularly like the Acid Rock, Acid DJ, Electro Hip-Hop,
Futurist Drum 'n' Bass, New York Dance, Prototechno, Vir Unis: Infusion, 
World Pop percussion.

Hope this helps!

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