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Re: little line mixers

on 2/14/02 7:09 PM, William R. Walker, at chillyb@cruzio.com wrote:

> Hey Mark, the Rane sm82 is a good choice with, I believe two effects 
> the Digital Music Corp System mix plus is an amazing mixer with dual
> cabtone speaker simulators and two VCA's ! also if you can find a used
> Passac Unity mixer, those are nice transparent 8 channel mixers with 2
> effects loop with the only down side being a wall wart power supply. Nice
> to see you at the last looping show by the way.

As it happens, I found a used Passac this morning for $50 (plus the cost of
a wallwart). Glad to hear your endorsement even after I decided it was 
springing for without references.

And I enjoyed your performance at the vault.