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Re: EDP hardware (2 EDPs)

I am still owing a mail about this to the list.
I must admit that I did not find the beautifull solution yet.

>I've been trying to work this one out as well.  It seems like with the 
>setup, it could be possible to easily switch between mono and 
>stereo, giving you
>the best of both worlds.
>For mono use, I assume the signal will be panned to the center, so 
>it will feed
>each EDP equally, allowing you to use either one (or both) for looping.
>For stereo operation, you pan the EDPs hard-left/hard-right at the mixer.

Thats it. I have a double pot that does this at once, simple to build 
into some device like a stereo effect machine after the 2 EDPs, case 
you dont use a mixer like me.

>Now the part I'm not clear about: the MIDI pedal.  It seems that you 
>should be
>able to program different sets of patches for the three scenarios that I
>a. Control EDP #1 only
>b. Control EDP #2 only
>c. Control EDP #1 & #2 the same time

If you have pages on your MIDI pedal, you can make one for each 
purpose, put the EDPs on different channels and have one page send 
two notes, one for each channel.
Other methods are to send only on one channel and have a Sysex key 
that changes the MIDIchannel of each unit or switches Control source 
to make them receptible.

Unfortunatly I dont see how to use presets for this since they are 
channel specific.

>d. Separate controls for EDP #1 & EDP &2 separately, but in the same patch

This is a bit more complex, because there are functions that you want 
for both EDPs simultaneously, even if you operate MONO. This is 
mainly FB and MUTE. Ok, you can switch to c to control those, but for 
example you may want build on one theme while the other is fading, so 
you need to have the FB of one unit reduced while you overdub over 
the other. So on my MIDI unit, i will have FB for both EDPs 
separately, and for

>Here's a idea for patch d: I don't know how deep MIDI footcontrol goes, 
>maybe you could make it so that button x starts overdub on EDP #1 until 
>press button y, which would then stop overdub on #1 and start it on #2.  
>you press the first x again, #1 starts overdubbing and #2 stops.  You 
>your loops with #1 and #2 both panned to center, pressing buttons x and y
>alternately, so it sounds like a mono loop.  But then you slowly pan your 
>left and right, and ping-ponged loops emerge from mono.  It could be a 
>trick, I guess.

fun idea!

>Here's my main concern:  will you get an increase in your levels if you 
>try to
>record to both EDPs simultaneously and return them both to center on 
>channels; or a drop in level when you try to use a stereo send to only 
>send to
>one EDP and then return that EDP to center?

Yes, but its not huge and it depends on how the panning happens exactly.

>Mark Hamburg wrote:
>>  Having just gotten the second EDP, I'm still working things out.
>>  What I've done so far is get a cheap AB switch to put between the 
>EFC-7 and
>>  the EDPs. (A note for anyone else doing this: Spend a little more 
>money than
>>  I did and get a footswitch with LEDs to tell you which channel is 
>>  I suspect that there will be functions that I wish I could get to a 
>>  more quickly than the AB switch allows -- e.g., dedicated mute 
>switches --
>>  but I'm going to have to see how that works out. I'm also positioning 
>>  rack where I can reach it while playing.
>>  My plan had been to use separate feedback pedals for each unit, but 
>>  now I'm fighting with the fact that the new unit seems to have trouble 
>>  my EV-5s even though the old unit works perfectly with them.
>>  Mark
>>  on 2/18/02 11:55 PM, Matthias Grob at matthias@grob.org wrote:
>>  > I just set up for this again. I had it years ago and was not quite
>>  > ripe, musically.
>>  > And just like you, I thought stereo was more important, and now
>>  > changed my mind.
>>  >
>>  > Do you use just one Pedal board, switched?
>>  > I just feel like having the FB controlled for both simultaneously,
>  > > sometimes, or Mute, but not Overdub... the solution may be MIDI once
>>  > again...


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