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CFC question (repeater)

okay, i know i should be checking the archive for the
answer to this, but i figured, i'd eventually come to
the list for popular consensus anyway...

i ended up heading out to alto music in middletown
yesterday and left with a repeater after scoping out
its capabilities (what a machine!)...and now to make
my unit complete, i need to get some type 1 CFCs.  

what do you guys find is the best card to use with the
repeater?  how much space do you get normally for a
card (and approx how much data does that hold in
actual loop time storage)?  also, where do you
noramlly go to buy these flash cards.

also, are there any other add-ons to these machines
(aside from the footswitch and external effects) that
can help make it a more powerful tool?

any and all help is appreciated!

thanks, e va n
happy looping!

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