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Re: Scratch - the movie

A big part of my current view on using the EDP actually comes from what
I'd call a post-DJ mentality.  

The idea is that the EDP is like the mixer, and the input signal
(guitar, in my case) is the record that's spun.  And a lot of the things
I do with the EDP (glitchy insert replacements, stuttery retriggerings,
the infamous remultiply + undo trick, and such) are the equivalent of
"scratching" the input source.  

So the EDP is being used to actually sculpt and shape the sound itself,
rather than just playing back the original sound that goes into it.  I
sort of think of some of my EDP tricks as a looping equivalent of 


Richard Zvonar wrote:
> I caught an early show of the documentary film "Scratch" at the Nuart
> in Santa Monica. It's (I think) a fairly comprehensive look at DJ and
> turntablist scene. Although it didn't make me want to wear my hat
> backwards, I was impressed by some of artists profiled, such as Mix
> Master Mike and DJ Qbert.
> I've been looking at some of the DJ technology, and some of it really
> is remarkable. For those who really need to get their mitts on vinyl
> but want to push the envelope there are disk cutters and even a
> system that allows you to control a computer playback system from a
> special vinyl record. There are also a number of very advanced CD
> players that allow most or all of the vinyl spinning techniques, an
> then some. I wonder if anyone on the list is familiar with these
> systems, such as the Pioneer CDJ-1000 and Numark Axis 8. I'm also
> curious about some of the more advanced DJ mixers that include
> sampling functions.
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