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What do loopers do when they're not looping

Good hearing what you all do in real life... :o)

I'm a full time musician, and teach bass as well. Used to teach in a couple
of music colleges, but found the approach of the colleges to be far too 
to be worth having to work within those frameworks... So I do solo stuff,
sell solo CDs, teaching, do session stuff (everything from pop gigs to the
very occasional radio or TV gig)...

BTW, there's an interview with me just been put up at www.bassically.net if
you're interested, with two exclusive real audio clips. One is from my new
CD, out in April, with pianist Jez Carr, and the other is a track from my
gig at The Knitting Factory in LA! :o)

Sounds like Loop-stock was great - all the looping gigs that i've been
involved in in CA have been wonderful (normally through the creative genius
of Rick Walker), and I'd have loved to have been there, especially as so
many artists who's music I really enjoy were playing - Rick, Bill, Max, Dr
Z, Andre (Ok, you didn't play...) - all people I've seen live (ranging from
some duo lunacy in the case of Dr Z, to about 7-8 sets in the case of Max
and Rick. 

We really do need to do something in London - please e-mail me if you're in
the UK and would be interested...