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Re: edp/repeater 'sequencing' (was loopstock aftershock)


Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:
> right: a very fruitful technique, there.....
> 'tis also good w/the repeater, where the triggering sequencer might be 
> to send pitch, track-mix & slipping infos, as well as tempo (should ya 
> that).....

So far I've just programmed drum machine patterns that switch between
loops.  The next stage I'm thinking about is setting up patterns that do
that, PLUS send MIDI note commands to change loop speed, direction (i.e.
forward/reverse) in conjunction with those loop changes... 

...and I'm also thinking about some SERIOUSLY stuttery retriggering
things.  (I wonder what the EDP will sound like if I program a bunch of
16-note retriggerings and crank the tempo up to 250+...)

And yes, I'm stealing that last idea right from ya, DT!  :)