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LOOPING CAPITOL of the UNIVERSE: this is not serious ;-)

Mark Hamburg wrote:

"Santa Cruz probably wins since there really is getting to be an audience
here, but I think it's interesting what Hans did that arguably put San Luis
Obispo in the running: Rather than being a carefully planned collection of
performers, Loopstock started out as an open call that pulled in a huge
variety of performers."

Dear Loopers,

    I have to say that what Hans accomplished was really phenomenal and
raised the bar of the Looping Festival phenomena that I have been involved
It has really got me to rethink my whole approach to the Festivals that I
have planned in the
the next year.   It was especially cool, that Hans got some corporate
sponsorship for this
event.    I have tried in the past to get this kind of support and interest
from Electrix and Line 6
(because these are the two loopers I actually use, not to ignore the other
manufacturers) and
have never even had my e-mails returned by these companies.  Good on Hans
and Ernie Ball
for supporting us in this way.

    Loopstock was really wonderful.  The loopers are the only club I belong
to where
I would travel 3 hours in an automobile just to meet it's members, face to
face for the
first time.  Getting to meet some of my long term buddies from the CT-One
was another incredible bonus.

    I had such a wonderful feeling of community at Loopstock.  Breakfast
with twelve loopers,
looping software designers and journalists the next day and shooting the
shit for 2 hours
was just blissful...........man, I was talking to this really nice,
intelligent guy and then discover
that it is Larry O from Electronic Musician magazine...............I've 
reading his
wonderful endpage column for a long time now and loving
it................the whole weekend was
full of these kinds of wonderful encounters.

    ....and all of this because Hans had such an incredible  and, really,
selfless vision that he carried through
with considerable aplomb.   He has my total respect and I'm very happy that
we are now friends because of
his persistent efforts.

    I also have to say that this looping capitol thing was started with my
tongue firmly in my cheek.  Hans and
I have been exchanging correspondances offlist and just laughing.

That being said,   thanks to everyone for all their kind words about our
work up here in Santa Cruz.

yours, appreciatively and with a grin on my face,   Rick Walker (aka,