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Re: loop NY loops again!

Hey Tom,
I've been itchin to come down for this, but i live in Rye and it's usually
hard to get into the city on Sat because of kid commitments etc. I am 
in the following Saturday (3/23) though for an early concert [David 
Trio & Mahavishnu Project at the Bottom Line), so I'm just checkin witcha,
will you all be looping on Saturday 3/23? I hope so, as in theory I might 
able to come in earlier and attend the loops in the afternoon before we 
to the club.
Let me know when you can.
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> >Any recordings made? It's like a leedle loop fest every week.
> it all gets recorded direct-to-digital and right off the board.
> now I haven't actually LISTENED to them but my schedule clears
> up next week and we hope to get some mp3s and some CDs ready
> for the next week!
>     /t
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