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Re: mp3.com newbie question


In a message dated 3/15/02 1:37:31 PM, mpeters@csi.com writes:

>need some advice from experienced mp3.com loopers. I've just begun to set
>up an mp3.com account, and I'm wondering: 1. what's your experience with
>selling mp3.com D.A.M. CDs or netCDs? does it happen? is it worth the 
>of setting this up?  2. it seems like I can create several artists / 
>pages under my name. For different kinds of music? Has anyone done that
>and found it useful, for what reason? Any other advice you want to give to
>an mp3.com newbie?

Well, experienced . . . I dunno . . .?

I haven't done most of what you're asking about (D.A.M. CDs or NetCDs) and
have no opinion about them. But it's pretty easy (and I think useful) to 
create multiple artists if you do different sorts of things that do not
necessarily sit well in the same stylistic "box" per se.

For example, 4 or 5 years ago I did some backing tracks with for a
performance poet/artist. All of it is loopy guitar stuff . . . but not all 
of it really relates to the stuff I do as a solo artist (as reflected on 
my own CD project). I/we made some tapes, burned some CDs, did a 
concert or two and put up an MP3.com webpage specifically for this 
sort of thing. I am relatively still proud of the stuff . . . but 
I felt one might get a touch of sonic "whiplash" if they were stored 
under the same "Ted Killian" name. 

So, ever since my CD came out, this other stuff has moved elsewhere 
under the name of the ensemble we (the poet and I) called ourselves.
It has it's own set of decriptions, art, links, viewing and downloading 
etc. just as thought it was a completely separate entity. But I still
have the ability to manage the data and access/change the inside 
info just as though it was the self-same identity. I only have to log-in
once to manage all of this stuff. It saves lots of time.