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RE: syncing RPT to EDP

> >Anyway, I looked in the archives for some info on syncing the RPT to the
> >EDP but couldn't find anything (maybe I wasn't looking hard
> enough?). I've
> >patched them via MIDI but so far RPT only executes some pitch
> shifts when I
> >hit the EDP'S record button. Any hints?

Obvious things to check: EDP is sending midi out; RPTR has its midi sync
button enabled; EDP midi OUT (not thru) goes into RTPR midi IN.

If you're using a midi patchbay, make sure midi clock is not being 

Note that the setting on the EDP for 8th/beat affects the tempo that is 
by the RPTR.

Before you record anything on the RPTR, if you have created a loop on the
EDP and all is well, you will see the LCD on the RTPR change its tempo