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Re: EDP feedback pedals

>  > Now, to Per, I was going to say: "Since you have a new EDP, if you
>>  buy a 10k Bourns potentiometer you are fine, since those are probably
>>  5 or 10% tolerated."
>>  But then you said that you are happy with a 250k pedal?? Probably a
>>  log, but even then...
>Well, I should have written down the specs of that pot... Only remember it
>said "250 something". But it's the usual ones used as volume pot for
>Stratocasters. And it's working fine for feedback control of the EDP.

"something" may say logarithmic, which is the correct caracteristic 
for a volume.
If so, the value in middle position should be arround 20k.
If the pedal is of the ones that dont turn the pot all the way up, 
this may coincidentally fix the range for you...

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