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Re: Z Vex Fuzz Factory

>> At 4:20 PM -0800 3/25/02, Chris Richards wrote: Anyone here familiar 
the Z Vex Fuzz Factory? I've been contemplating getting one for the last
couple years, but would like to know a little about it for I drop that kind
of money. Is it as warped as the Z Vex website makes it sound?

> I have the Fuzz Probe, which is more-or-less a Fuzz Factory with the
"Stab" stability knob controlled by a plate that can sense how far your 
is from it. This is a really fun device. For some settings it's like a
mutant cross between a nasty fuzz and a wailing Theremin; how fun is that?

> This pedal is not what I go to for anything approaching normal fuzz, I
have other pedals that are better for normal racket. The Fuzz Probe is for
the special racket <smirk>. Chris

Playing the Probe into another fuzz gives a certain stealth-factor for
moving from the more conventional racket to the more unhinged stuff. Just 
Chris says... it's definitely in the *smirk* zone and *really* special for

One review on HC tells of someone playing a solo with his Fuzz Probe at a
blues gig fronted by someone fairly popular. The frontman is quoted as
turning to the guitarist and saying "Son... that's the sound of
unemployment!" (Maybe THAT'S why I'm out of work right NOW!)