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Re: re[3]: Cables have direction/direction

ok, i may not understand how things really work, but here is my working
model (in my brain).

the propogation of a voltage change is the direct result of the migration 
electrons from one molocule to another along the cable.  it is the 
or scarcity of electrons that defines a positive and negative voltage (in
relation to ground...at the ground state, there is neither an abundance or
scarcity).  if this isn't what "voltage" is, then what is it?


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> > andy, it's true that the voltage swing isn't instantanious, but it does
> > alternate between pushing electrons and pulling them.
> >  the way you put it, yes, the electrons do move from one end of the
> to
> > the other, but they always move back the other direction as well.
> >
> Hi Dean, all you say is correct, especially about the relative distances
> involved.
> ..... but I think you missed the point.
> I'm not talking flow of electrons here,
> but the propagation of the Voltage change along the cable.
> Think of sound traveling through air, the molecules end up in the same
> but the sound travels in one direction.
> The other analogy I thought of would be singing (not playing)
> into a didjeridoo. Bet it would sound different depending which end you
> sang into (didj players??).
> Anyway, at the moment I'm not tempted to try my cables in different
> directions, and I bet what Hans says holds most of the answer to this.
> andy butler