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children of the Lord

I have been admiring Gospel and related music for 25 years. It has 
some incredibly power that drives tears into my eyes immediately: 
"The color purple", Aretha, Mrs Jackson, S. Wonder, Sweet Honey on 
the Rocks,,,
Today I finally went to Church to see where it comes from. And I was 
deeeply moved by the sounds I heard, even hours after I left. I 
admire those people and their way to praise!
Not only was I the only white skinned, not dressed up, but for some 
sad reason, they painted Jesus oversized on the front wall looking 
just like me, even simpler dressed ;-)
They also got a problem because I put a CD of mine into the basket 
instead of $.

The most holy was the real Hammond Organ with two Leslies (you may 
find that trivial, but in Europe they only have pipe organs and in 
Brasil only Asian plastic, so for me the Hammond was a rock and jazz 
instrument). I always loved (and modified) Hammonds and today, at the 
first chords of the lady, I understood how all that power was 
attached to the sound! Sure it was an inspired work of Mr Hammond who 
almost broke his fathers enterprise to give something better than 
clockworks to the world, but it may be the use of the instrument that 
really forms its spirit...

While sitting there, just one thought looped in my mind:
I only believe in sound!
Words are twisted, especially after being brought through generations 
and translations. Some professional musicians may learn to lie at 
work just like lawyers must, but the churches little black drummer 
was only about 8 years old and he certainly lies to his mother as we 
all did, but he played relaxed and naturally - how could he lie?

When they started to yell at me that the only truth was in the bible, I 
But I had loved to praise Jesus for teaching us to be sincere up to 
whatever hard end and to find faith and valorize our inner voice and 
The result of it lives on after we are gone, thats probably as close 
as we can get to resurrection...

So trash these words and thank for your talent to put out your sound 
and listen to it over and over and over !
or to mine if you want :-)


There is actually a collection of all my work at:
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