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Re: Human drummer:oxymoron?

>Does anyone have experience setting up the Repeater to chase a human 

I'm a human drummer.  The repeater chases me.  Now if it can catch me is 
question :)

I've had very good luck with the beat detect on the repeater.  My only 
is that the only way it can beat detect, is from its audio source.  So if 
you don't want to loop the beat detect source too, you're in for a little 
gymnastics.  You'll need to use the left input for the beat detect source 
signal, and the right input for your bass.  Then stereo lock the tracks 
together and mute the left track.  So the repeater WILL loop the beat 
source (your drummer) but you won't hear it because the left tracks are 
muted.  Congradulations, you now have only two tracks to work with.  Or 
three if you're fancy - I can explain how if you really want.

Experiment with micing the drum kit.  A good place to start is an SM57 on 
the hi-hat, or the bass drum.  While the repeater is trying to lock onto 
tempo, you can help it out by tapping the tap tempo button.  Once the beat 
detect led stops blinking, signaling that it found the tempo, press the 
tempo-lock button and now it will only react to little variations in the 
drummer's tempo - syncopations shouldn't shake it at this point.

Let us konw how it goes!

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